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tv   [untitled]    July 19, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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the continued special meetingb)f the ethics commission. takinge role. [roll-call] all commissioners being present, we are ready to begin. but for we start with the testimony, are there any -- before we start with the testimony, are there any issues the need to be addressed? >> i do not think so. >> who will be conducting the investigation for the mayor? the you have an estimate on how long view expect? >> i do not know. i would guess an hour-and-a-
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half to two hours. i will try to speak into the microphone. >> it is the one page declaration. > that is part of the problem. ìrb]vç>> we will see how it goe. >> i will do what i can to be speedy. >> without further ado, if we did invite ms. haines into the hearing room. ufssq>> is that
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it? >> thank you.
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like to remind anyone before making an outburst, we appreciate your presence. we are going to have a very strict rule about any noises or outbursts from the crowd, so we hope you understand that. if you hear somebody, please remove them. >> i think he would like to address the commission prior to her taking the stand. >> very well. >> my name is eric safire, and
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we received subpoenas from both parties, and it was our understanding that the purpose was to be cross-examined for issues that were raised, but it has become clear the issue has to do with the conviction and whether or not that rises to the level of contact doug requires determination, and in that regard she has no relevant testimony, so unless there is some specific she has no testimony to be cross-examined on. >> i am not sure you are familiar with the amended o but in ths
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in acts to intimidate witnesses. as a result, she was on the o there is going to be some examination, and i would not comment on the relevance. i think there was a enough to be a question. >> she will be examined about issues regarding conversations on january 4, and it is not just limited. >> i will not comment on what is in the paper, but she was examined on the topics addressed. one last thing, and you need all the seats behind yeaou.
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>> we had 10, and i think we can release three of them. e8rwe can have three more peoplt
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looks like. will the court reporter please swear in the witness? >> stand and raise your right hand please. do you states that the testimony you give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? thank you. >> good evening. i am the council for the mayor in these proceedings.
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this set up can be a little bit awkward, so if you cannot hear me, please let me know. i know this is not anyone's favorite, so thank you for being here. i pretty much prepared this myself. pkódid you talk to lopez about r testimony here? >> no. >> did you talk to any attorney's? >> no. >> are you familiar with any
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evidence in this case? >> some evidence, but i have not been following the case closely. >> what have you reviewed? >> i examined the evidence, exhibit 80 and exhibit 81. i think that is something i am dtbz in. >> i think those are the text messages share of mirkarimi produced'e mirkarimi produced. did you review the declaration? >> no, i didw>mw÷/[ not. good >> did you review the sheriff's declarations? >> i did not. >> did you review any of the experts declarations in this case? >> i did not. >> thank you, but you filed one, is that correct? >> i watched a couple of the
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sessions, and that is it. >> you remember which sessions? >> when ross mirkarimi was testifying. >> you watch his testimony live? >> on tv, yes. >> did you see any other sessions to? >> i saw a little bit before the television was cut off. >> was there any other section of you watching? >> no. -- was there any other section you watch this? >> no. good did you file this decln at sheriff mirkarimi's request? >> my attorney asked me to do a declaration, and i only talk to my attorney about it. >> the you know who requested your attorney to ask you to file a declaration? >> i do not see.
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>> did your attorney tell you why he was asking you? >> there is a microphone right there if you can speak to that. >> the city attorney's office -- >> we are considering the)7[(ob. can you please read back to the question? >> did your attorney tell you why he was asking? do you know who requests your attorney to file a declaration? did your attorney tell you why he was asking you that was when he objected. >> sustained. >> on behalf of the mayor, the city attorney's office contacted
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you and ask you to speak to our offices voluntarily. is that correct? >> can you repeat that? >> on behalf of the mayor, the city attorney's office contacted you and ask you to speak with us voluntarily. is that correct? >> yes. >> you declined to do so, is that right? >> respectfully. good >> are you familiar with the contents of the declaration you submitted in this case? >> yes, i am. >> did you submit it under penalty of perjury? >> yes, i did. >> i intend to quote passages from your declaration. it is only one page. i have extra copies if you want to refer to it, but i want to remind you to stop anything if you see something that does not sound right. i am happy to make it available for you.
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the first thing the declaration says is said you served as the campaign manager for the successful campaign for sheriff during the fall 2011 session. is that correct? >> yes. >> have you done similar work in the past? >> objection. >> overruled. >> i have been the campaign manager a couple times and have had successful campaigns. >> have those always been in san francisco? >> yes. >> how many times have you served as a campaign manager in the past? >> it would be a total of three times. >> how does one become a campaign manager? >> relevance. >> where are we going with this? >> i am laying an objection. >> get there quickly.
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>> i got a little distracted. >> could you read the question please? >> how does one become a campaign manager.[g? >> how does one get educated or hired? >> you are not permitted for objections. >> i am sure there are many ways people become campaign managers. i can only speak to the way i became a campaign manager. >> how did you become a campaign manager? >> in all three cases someone approached me and asked me to be a campaign manager. >> did that have anything to do with the past and? >> no. i guess you could say i was
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asked to be a legislative aide, so i guess you could say yes. ky!ç9dx>> when did you get hireo beat sheriff mirkarimi's campaign manager -- to be seraph mirkarimi's campaign manager. >> i believe it was 2008. >> what were your duties? >> recruiting volunteers, keeping them energized and managing a events. >> are there other kinds of campaign managers? >> objection. >> sustain. >> you understand the question? >> are there other kinds of
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positions within sheriff mirkarimi's campaign that are referred to as campaign manager, or is there only one campaign manager in a campaign? spikes in ross mirkarimi's campaign there was only one -- >> in ross mirkarimi's campaign there was only one manager. >> were you paid for your services? >> yes, i was. >> how much were yoò paid. >> objection, relevance. >> overruled. >> a whopping $6,800. u!rise in the campaign pay you directly or through some other intermediary? >ñna-íe)p&e%ei >> are there other benefits besides a whopping $6,800? >> believing in your candidate, believing in the issues your
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candidate is promoting, trying to make san francisco a better place. i believe that is a great benefits and why yousi work. >> isn't it also the case said you know people in power and have influence in their positions if you successfully held them in their campaign? >> i think it depends on how you define power and how you define influence. >> i have a power point i am going to try to work with, because we discovered at the last hearing the exhibits and were sometimes unwieldy. i will try this and if it does not work we will go back to using the paper exhibits, and i beg your indulgence as i tried to set it up. >> what is the power point? >> they are things already in evidence, so excerpt from 81 and
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from 83 predominantly. >> any objections from theosh'? >> no. >> thank you. spher >> could i have7 a little water? is there any water?
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9>> i think we will try to use the overhead if we can. >> we will try our second line technology. that looks more promising.
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we will do our best. unfortunately, i did not come with copies of this presentation for everyone. i do have a copy i can share with the witness, but i can also tellu where these are located, or if you prefer, and we could break for 10 minutes, and i could make you a copy of the whole set. >> as long as you make your reference, i think that would be ok. >> let me know if you want something different. sorry for the technical difficulties. it is always a risk.
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this is a copy of what is on the scene that is behind te/÷,vvyou. i did not realize that was going to be the set up, and i apologize. my question is about in tangible benefits that flow to you from being a campaign manageress or anyone in politics, and isn't if the case that you connect with people in power and have the ability to influence their decisions? >> you can advocate through your community. that is why i do it. >> it is a question. >> i am going to sustain that. i got lost in the question. >> if you look at the eggs served from the exhibit -- if
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you look at the exhibits i gave you, is an exchange between you and share of mirkarimi that has already been submitted into evidence, and i just wanted to point out teto you the text. if you have not made a choice on your chief of staff, i have two great people to consider. let me know if you are 7d=kv the share of responded salmon and -- how the share of responded salmon -- how the sheriff responded? it is nice to have someone who understands what you have to say. >> of section+w]í/> are you planning to continue doing consulting and campaign work in the future? >> after this experience, i am
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not sure. >> what is your best guess? >> i am leaning towards maybe know. it depends. i have to really believe in the candidate, and that has always been who i am and why i do what i do. i do not just take anyone to work for. >> move to strike about working for the candidate. it was in response to the question. >> can you repeat the question? >> the original question was what is your best guess. the answer is i am leaning towards may be no. >> the objection is overruled. >> as a political aide or campaign manager have to be loyal?
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>> the find loyalty. >> what does it mean to you? -- define loyalty. >> what does it mean to you? questions, my question to you is  you. >> i think it depends on probably a candidate would want or anyone would want a loyal, hard-working employee, so i think that stands across any profession, and a commission. >> can you explain what you meant about loyalty? you said a loyal and hardworking employee, but you did not explain what you meant? fax to me it is actually on a steve. i have seen where loyalty can be defined in different ways, but
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for me loyalty is honesty, and we will always be honest, not just tell a candidate what they want to hear and not just to do with a supervisor wants to do. and we would have on a dialogue, and that is loyal to me. >> the you think the campaign manager is supposed to protect the elected officials from political attacks? >> yes, mostly i think it is about knowing the political candidate about the political landscape and any political insights you may have. >> is part of the campaign manager's job to protect the official from scandal? >> maybe for some campaign managers. >> did you perceive that as part of your job? >> no, i did not.
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>> is part of the campaign manager's job to hush controversy or do damage control? >> i think generally speaking you would work on communicationâ >> did you see doing damage control as part of your job as campaign manager? >> i did not. >> did you think someone who is not loyal or does not protect an official from political attacks or does not protect an official from scandal or has controversy, the you think someone who does not do those things would be successful in a future political career? >> objection, relevance, calls for speculation. >> sustained. >> do i answer the question? >> you do not need to. when did you first meet lopez and? >> i met her when i was working
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as campaign manager. >> you remember when that was? >> sometime in september when she was in the campaign office. >> did share of mirkarimi introduce you? >> i do not remember -- did share of mirkarimi -- sheriff q%= >> i do not remember. >> what was your impression when you met her? >> she was very nice and happy. >> how well did you get to know each other? >> do what point? >> would you describe her as your friend? >> i would say we are friendly. >> you would stop short of saying she was your friend. >> i met the candidate's wife, and we were friendly. >> i